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The topic sites in our library offer gateways to information on body condition scoring, beef cow efficiency, country-of-origin labeling, targeting the Certified Angus Beef® brand and more.

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Published Articles

"Jolley: Five Minutes With Brad Wildeman, CCA, & The Mandatory COOL Issue," 12/6/08

President of Canada's Beef Information Centre Reflects on COOL
Interview by C.R. Jolley,, 10/17/08

Mandatory COOL & The Checkoff Marry Up, by Troy Marshall

The Chess Game Of Mandatory COOL, by Troy Marshall

Cool Compliance, November 2008 Angus Journal, by Meghan Richey

What to Expect from Mandatory COOL, by Troy Marshall

COOL More Valuable As A Non-Reality, by Troy Marshall

The COOL Compromise Is Typical Of The Beltway, by Troy Marshall

AMI, FMI Make Waves With COOL Preparations, by Troy Marshall

COOL Issues Heating Up Once Again, by Troy Marshall

NCBA Ratchets Up Pressure To Fix COOL, by Troy Marshall

Will National ID And COOL Be Married Up? by Troy Marshall

A New Look at Labeling, April 2005 BEEF, by Walt Barnhart

Sixth Annual R-Calf USA Convention, April 2005 Angus Journal, by Matthew Lane

ID or Labeling, March 2004 Angus Beef Bulletin, by Jason Jenkins

Senate Passes Spending Bill, March 2004 Angus Beef Bulletin

Raining Regulations, February 2004 BEEF, by Wes Ishmael

Preparing for Country-of-Origin Labeling, January 2004 Angus Beef Bulletin, by Matt Perrier and Stephanie Veldman

Mandatory Regulations Posted, December 2003 Angus Journal, by Stephanie Veldman

COOL Controversy Heats Up, November 2003 Drovers, by Greg Henderson

Creating Change, October 2003 Angus Journal, compiled by Stephanie Veldman

Canada Finds BSE, July 2003 Angus Journal, by Barb Baylor Anderson

Raising the Bar, July 2003 BEEF, by Clint Peck

Country-of-Origin Testimony, June 2003 Angus Journal, by Corinne (Blender) Patterson

Figuring the COOL Riddle, June 2003 BEEF, by Clint Peck

COOL Needs to be Recalled, May 2003 Drovers, by Greg Henderson

COOL Serves as Wedge, March 2003 Drovers, by Greg Henderson

Paying for COOL, May 2003 BEEF, by Clint Peck

A COOL Cost Perspective, May 2003 BEEF, by Wes Ishmael

Will You be Ready To Play?, May 2003 BEEF, by Wes Ishmael

COOL — Paying for the Unmanageable, April 2003 BEEF, by Wes Ishmael

Food Fight Continues, September 2002 BEEF, by Diana Barto

Why not Label Beef in the U.S.?, May 2002 BEEF

The New Farm Bill’s Impact on Beef Producers, May 2002 BEEF, by Scott Brown

Ride for the Brand, April 2002 Angus Journal, by API staff

Labeling Battle, November 2000 BEEF